Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Announce ASL Festival Denver 2006

From: ASL Festival - May 9, 2006

A Celebration of Language and Culture

Saturday, June 17th

Denver Performing Arts Complex

The American Sign Language Festival is an opportunity for the general public to become familiar with the culture of the group that uses this language. Another aspect of the Festival is a talent show and performances. Exhibit booths will offer information and resources about ASL.

We are pleased to invite your participation as an exhibitor for the ASL Festival,
now in its second year. This rather “uncommon” yet thoroughly engaging event will draw many to The Denver Performing Arts Complex to experience an amazing international array of the world’s most unique amphitheater performers.

ASL stands for American Sign Language and is the native language for approximately 500,000 individuals in the United States and Canada. But that doesn’t explain it well enough. One cannot tell by looking at a person if they use ASL. Many people mistakenly believe that American Sign Language is “English on the hands.” Some think it’s a manual version of English. Others believe that there is one universal sign language used by people around the world. These beliefs are simply not true.

ASL is comparable in its complexity and expressiveness to spoken languages. It is not a form of English. It has its own distinct grammatical structure, which must be mastered in the same way as the grammar of any other foreign language. ASL differs from spoken languages in that it is visual rather than auditory and it is composed of precise hand-shapes and movements. Important to understand is the fact that ASL is a complete language and can convey any idea: abstract, subtle, or complex. Many people mistakenly believe that ASL is only capable of expressing the most basic of ideas. Not true!

Maybe you have seen a sign language interpreter somewhere, and were curious about it... Maybe you know someone who can't hear and/or speak well... Maybe you want to learn a whole new way to express yourself...The American Sign Language Festival presents a unique opportunity for community involvement.

People who use ASL can be invisible in the community. Many people have misunderstandings about ASL users. “Signers don’t speak.” “Deaf people don’t enjoy music.” “ASL users are language impaired.” “Deaf people don’t drive.” But ASL users are the fastest growing language community in the U.S.! Want to know why? This festival gives sponsors a chance to interact with this vibrant community—and for ASL users to learn more about your business or organization. The ASL Festival will show you who we REALLY are—all the different people who use ASL!



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